How much hair growth do I need?

A centimetre's worth or at least as long as a grain of rice. You should have at least 4 weeks growth from your last wax or 3 weeks growth from your last shave/removal cream use.

Can I be waxed if I am pregnant?

Yes you can right up until your due date

I have a caesarean scar, can I still be waxed?

Yes you can although the scar needs to be completely healed. I recommend leaving at least 3 months after birth and when you feel ready.

I have never been waxed before, does it hurt?

You may feel a little discomfort if you have never been waxed before as the hair is being removed from the root however, with the quick techniques and the premium quality waxes I use I can assure you any discomfort you do experience will be over within seconds.

What do you do exactly?

After you have removed your clothes and underwear from the waist down (if you’re having a Brazilian wax) I will trim the hair if necessary or you can do this at home as long as the hair is half an inch in length. I then cleanse the area with blue lotion and jasmine oil to prevent the wax from adhering to the skin. The wax is then applied, it will harden and shrink wrap itself around the hair reducing pain upon removal. I will then remove it as I only use HOT non strip wax for most of my waxing except for larger skinned areas like legs. After the area has been waxed I will check for any remaining hairs and then apply soothing gel and jasmine oil to finish. I will then leave you to get dressed and enjoy the rest of your day.

How long will the results last?

Depending on when you first come and see me and what you have been doing to remove the hair from the area you want waxed will depend on how long it takes to grow back. If you have been waxing regularly previously your wax will last around 4-5 weeks, however if you have been shaving, using hair removal creams or haven't been waxed for a while then the hair maybe quite coarse so you should expect the wax to last around 2-3 weeks. This will improve dramatically after 3-4 waxes as the growth cylcle of the hair gets used to the hair being waxed and not regularly shaved. Hair that is removed by waxing will begin to grow back sparser and become a lot finer.

How can I make it less painful when being waxed?

You can try a few painkillers beforehand, also regularly moisturising the area 2 days before as hydrated skin can stand up to the trauma of waxing better. You could also trim the hair beforehand as the longer the hair the more it will hurt. By putting the razor down also will dramatically reduce the amount of pain you will experience. Shaved hair is very coarse and can be more difficult to remove so you as much as you may want to tidy those few stray hairs in between waxes you will only increase the pain you are trying to avoid when you next get waxed!

Can I leave my knickers on during the wax?

For a full Brazilian or Hollywood I will ask you to remove them as I simply can’t remove all the hair you want removed simple as that! Plus I want you to get your monies worth and leave my salon happy with my work. Please don’t worry there is nothing I haven’t already seen and I will do anything I can to make you comfortable. You will have a much better wax and result without them on. If you simply must wear them then I recommend wearing an old pair you don’t mind getting wax or products on as careful as I try to be this sometimes can’t be avoided.

Waxing Etiquette

Please arrive to your appointment on time, clean and smelling fresh ready to be waxed. I do have toilet facilities and freshening up products available.

Can I still be waxed if I’m on my period?

Yes you can, please insert a tampon on the day of your wax appointment and either tuck the string inside your vagina or snip the string to a length you can still take it out with.

How often should I get waxed?

Every 4-5 weeks for best results

Reasons why I can’t be waxed?

When you first come to SophistiKated Nails & Wax I will ask you to fill out a client record card. This will help me identify what medications you are on and things I need to be aware of etc. I under no circumstances will wax you if you have been taking the medication Roaccutane. Even if you didn’t mention it on your initial consultation card PLEASE tell me if you then start taking it or any skin thinning drugs as there are very serious implications if I wax you and you are on this type of medication.

Why should I get the SophistiKated Brazilian Wax?

It is hailed as one of the beauty must haves nowadays, very feminine, fashionable, clean, hygienic, popular and sexy. It has been known to heighten sensitivity and can enhance your love life!

One last thing before you go…

I am a professional body waxer, nothing else so if you are looking for added extra’s, you’re looking in the wrong place so please don’t waste your or my time by contacting me unless you are serious about getting waxed by a highly skilled professional. If you do say or do anything inappropriate during your waxing appointment you will be asked to leave and I won’t rebook you. I treat all my clients with the courtesy and the respect they deserve and all I simply ask is the same in return.



You will absolutely LOVE your nails whilst you are wearing Gel and I expect your nails to last for up to 14 days as long as you give them good care and attention during that time.
If you’re going to be gardening or doing housework with abrasive cleaners without wearing gloves then fully expect your Gel Manicure to wear quite quickly.
During the application process I coat the front edge of the nail with each layer of Gel. This is so the manicure looks nice and to avoid shrinking of the colour at the free edge during the curing process. This seal is expected to wear off the sharp free edge of the natural nail in a few days. If something you have done has caused a chip that can’t be filed away or has lifted at the edge please do not pick or pull at the area or it will cause the damage to increase.

Please contact me so that I can assess the nail and decide if a repair is necessary. Repairs after 48 hours will be chargeable.
To extend the longevity of your Gel Manicure I thoroughly recommend regular use of CND Solar oil that nourishes and plasticises your nail plates and cuticles. If you can do it morning and night then great , even if it’s when you remember it will be better than using none at all.
All of my clients who have a Gel Manicure treatment will receive a free mini 20ml bottle of solar oil. For continued use I retail them at £3.95 each.
On Holiday be careful when using sun tan oils and insect repellents as many of these products contain solvent oils which will break down the Gel colour coat. Fading may occur with swimming in chlorinated water followed by excessive sun due to chlorine being a bleaching agent and sun intensifies the bleaching action. Dry your hands and nails after swimming before sunbathing to minimize any colour fading.
If you decide you want to paint over your Gel Manicure with nail polish you can but please use an Acetone free remover if removing polish between appointments. The ‘mirror shine’ of the Gel finish may be compromised by using nail varnish remover even if it is acetone free!
Incorrect removal at home may damage the surface of your nails which defeats the whole point of the Gel Manicure. I remove Gel with a professional remover plus a mini manicure so that your natural nails will look perfectly groomed afterwards.




For 24 hours after getting waxed, keep the area clean and sweat free. It is perfectly normal for your skin to become raised with red bumps (erythema) after waxing.
Sun/extreme temperatures which includes hot baths or showers
No massage
No fake tan
Nothing perfumed except if you shower or bath when you get home just use a regular shower gel
Very tight clothing
Chlorinated pools
Solariums, spas or saunas
Shaving in between waxing appointments as this will interfere with the growth cycle.

Once the skin has settled down after a few days, start to exfoliate the area a few times a week. I recommend and retail Ruff Stuff body Scrub, it is absolutely wonderful for keeping the skin smooth, supple, hydrated, moisturized and ingrown hair free!
Use a dry brush when your skin is dry as well as wet when in the shower. Don’t be too rough.
After your shower when the skin is still wet, apply either baby oil or pure coconut oil then pat dry with a towel.
Your skin will feel amazing and transformed. Moisturiser is very good too if you don’t have either oils.


Sometimes after your chest or back wax you may see a break out of spots the first couple of waxes. If this happens use an Antibacterial shower gel such as tea tree and take antihistamines such as Piriton.
If the spots persist or worsen after a week then please go and see your GP as you could have developed Folliculitis which is an inflammation of the hair follicle and you may need antibiotics to clear it up.
If you follow the aftercare advice and you still experience spots or ingrown hairs, apply a product specifically for ingrown hairs or Magnesium Sulphate which will draw the hair to the surface.
Bepanthen nappy cream also works a treat too.